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Posted on Nov 27, 2018

Adventures by Jennifer

To think that you save through those online agents is a HUGE misconception and can make all the difference in what your vacation experience looks like. BECAUSE of all the online booking agencies like Expedia and Cheap Caribbean are taking a cut out of traditional travel suppliers, many of the suppliers now OWN those sites, meaning we can price match pretty much everything.
What you get in added value by going through an agent versus a global website for the same price makes all the difference in your trip. And, with the exception of custom services like daily tour itineraries or flights only searches, it's FREE, because the resorts and tour operators pay the agents commission. We work on straight commission so knowing our stuff and managing our time is crucial to staying in business.
That's a big part of WHY continuous learning is a must for an agent. We are always taking live and online courses, webinars and certifications from the tourism board, operators and properties to be able to sell these vacations. We visit destinations so we have real-time up-to-date experience with the properties. We KNOW the faces at the resorts because we visit so when we send you, and call the management, we aren't just a name, we are a familiar face. And we have industry connections - from onsite tour operators at your resort to direct lines to resort management, to agent forums where there's always someone who knows the answer, we have connections that make your vacation seamless.
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